Ubuntu Learning Hub

The Ministry of Education approached ACCW about taking part in their Community Learning Hub initiative. The ACCW Board in its regular monthly meeting approved the establishment of the learning hub and coordination was delegated to the Academic and Planning Subcommittee. The Academic and Planning Subcommittee adopted the name ‘Ubuntu Learning Hub’ to reflect the rich education history across Africa and our new home, New Zealand. The Academic and Planning Subcommittee also caried out a series of planning meetings with the Ministry of Education.

The learning hub aims to expand the knowledge of New Zealand curriculum within the African community. Other communities such as the Philippines community, Muslim Women Association and Latin America had began their knowledge hubs last year. The Ubuntu Learning Hub will be ran every and workshop delivered in 2 hour blocks for 10 sessions in total. There are six compulsory topics to be delivered in this sessions and four session which is open to the community to decide what best suits the community.

Based on the need for a wider consultation on the four community based topics, the Academic and Planning Subcommittee sort the best options using a Qualtrics survey. The Qualtrics survey ran from January to February 2023 with individual emails sent to members of the community including a link on the WhatsApp platform (if you are not already on these communication channels, please reach out to the community info email). If you are interested to go through the full report submitted along with the application for funding, read the ‘Report of ACCW Consultation on Establishing an African Education Hub 2023’ below. The executive summary of the survey is as follows:

  • 85.7% of the respondents agreed to having their emails included in the ACCW Mailing List
  • Nutrition and Healthy Lunches had the highest value (4.34)
  • Children accounting for the highest workshop participant with 48%
  • Higher peaks were observed in ages 7 and 10 having 15.8% representation
  • 74.2% of the respondents had no special considerations with workshop scheduling
  • Four facilitators could be approached from the African community

The ACCW application was successful and we have received $30,000 to run the programme. We were invited to a hui at the Ministry of Education to share our plans and goals for the workshops and to hear the journeys and plans of other communities who were involved in the learning hub initiative. Please find below the slides that were presented at the hui.

The Project Leader and Lead of the Academic and Planning Subcommittee (Eddie Ennion) presenting the Ubuntu Learning Hub at the Ministry of Education Learning Community Hubs Hui 2023

The Ubuntu Learning Hub kick-off on 18 March 2023 and will run for 3 weeks and a two weeks break and then resume for another 7 weeks. The details for the sessions can be found in the flyer below. This flyer has gone out to school with African families and members of the ACCW community. Please invite others who have not received this flyer. Please use the following link to register for the workshops (https://forms.gle/NgC1JtT1bqetyTTB8).


Highlights coming soon…